Core concepts:

  • To practise the core structure Je voudrais... I would like...
  • To give students an opportunity to present & perform a dialogue
(referred to in the KS2 Framework as an extended text).
  • Some students may be able to script the dialogue themselves using language they have learnt during the course of this unit.

Starter activitity - watch this video clip from Teachers TV

Link to video and transcript

A powerpoint to introduce a dialogue in the café and go through key structures needed. Alternatively this powerpoint could be used to introduce the unit in lesson one and then revisited here ready for the children to start creating their own café dialogues.

Café Hokey Cokey - a song which covers the dialogue needed to order in a café

Link to Café Hokey Cokey
The attached document is a word file from TES resources. It is a very simple menu and could be used by children in a role-play set in a French café.

However children might prefer to take inspiration from this and use their own ICT skills to make their own French café menus.

This powerpoint from TES resources is really 2 worksheets and can be printed out to be used as a gap-fill written activity and also as a prompt to scaffold pairwork as children try out their own dialogues in a café.
Get the best ones (or just anyone who would like to volunteer) to act out their roleplay to the class.

Another powerpoint with a song, this time from primary resources and to the tune of 'On the first day of Christmas' which practises all the words you might use in when ordering in a café.