Core concepts:

  • The idea here is to get the children to work out the gist of a text. It does not really matter what they are making - milkshakes, omelettes, sandwiches etc. as the focus is the type of text and following instructions within the theme of food.

  • It would be a good opportunity to practise dictionary skills.
  • Bonus:
    You could focus on 'the imperative' if you feel your class are ready for this, but this is extra to what you need to cover and is not part of the Hampshire suggested minimum attainment for Year 6

Omelette.jpgAn attractive cartoon-style worksheet for pairs or for individuals, to fill in the gaps in the recipe.

This came from the Languagesonline website
sandwich.jpgIs making a Milkshake, as suggested in this unit, a lttle too messy? Then why not try out this powerpoint with your class, to make the perfect sandwich?

PPT made by Helen Leigh
Online activity for making an Omelette from Languages Online - click on the link and then click 'start' (tiny button top left) to watch an animated cookery lesson in French with gaps for your class to complete in order to make the omelette.
Click here for link to Omelette activity