• Some fun activities to practise the core structures:
  • J'aime / je n'aime pas (I like/don't like)
  • Je voudrais... (I would)
  • and revise position of adjectives (une glace au chocolate)

  • Display picture flashcards or images of some ice cream flavours. Say the names and children repeat,
eg une glace au cassis / au chocolat /
au citron /au caramel / à la framboise / à la vanille /
à la fraise / à la menthe / à la pistache / à l’abricot
strawberry/mint/pistachio/ apricot ice cream).
  • Now ask the children to organize the flavours into two groups with au and à la, eg au chocolat and à la fraise. Invite children to devise a rule for when to use au and when to use à la.

Word cards for Ice cream flavours (instructions are also on doc.)
Remind children of the –ill sound in vanilla (fille, coquillage etcetera)

children_1.gifThis is an adapted powerpoint originally from the TES resources site.
(I have added sound to help pronounciation.)

Use as a starter activity to prepare the class for creating roleplays in pairs.

What's your favourite flavour?
Explore the wonderful site of Ernest le Glacier and then design and print out your own ice cream creation from this Parisian Icecream maker.
Write some sentences about your favourite flavours starting with J'aime....
Click here for link to the Ernest le Glacier website

Click on 'Ernest vous chouchoute' and then on the pink stripe 'composez votre glace' to design and print out your own Ice Cream