This section introduces a simple structure in the past tense

J'ai mangé = I have eaten.

This is not required as part of the Hampshire suggested minimum Year 6 attainment, so can be treated as a bonus activity if you think your students are ready to try it.

Whole class Online activity to introduce 'Jai mangé...'
Click the tiny start button (top left) to be given several texts about what the boy has eaten. Drag the correct food into the correct box for breakfast, lunch or tea.
Click here for link to Languages Online activity
Worksheet for higher ability or for small groups to work at together, after or before using the above online activity in this lesson

Make a voki to practise speaking and/or writing a sentence online in French and then have it 'spoken' by an animated character of your creation...
Click here for voki activity
This powerpoint shows in a very visual manner how je changes to j'in phrases such as J'ai mangé. Children are then invited to think about why this happens and to compare this with English.