icon-chill-cafe.gifUnit 21 Le Café

  • Drinks, snacks and ice creams and core structure je voudrais (I would like)
  • Quantities of food and drink
  • Expressing preferences about food & drink j'aime / je n'aime pas
  • Using parce que to qualify opinions
  • prepositions au, à la
  • phoneme-grapheme correspondance to work out pronounciation of new vocabulary
  • revision of -ill
20140_Waiter-resize.jpg21.1Café Conundrum
Eating_Burgertn_.jpg21.2 The Café Song
eaten.png 21.3 J'ai mangé
ice-cream-soft.png21.4 Ice Cream
milkshake_icon.jpg21.5 Making Milkshakes
icon-chill-cafe.gif21.6 Café Roleplay
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