cafebingo.jpgPlay a game of bingo to revise the new vocabulary -divide class into groups of up to 5 players for each game - all you need is on two A4 sheets, with full instructions on the worksheet.

Click here for café bingo image to display on screen to play as a class.
The café song - all the vocab you need in one simple song.
Click here for the café song activity
icon-chill-cafe.gifActivities to follow up the café song, working more on a phrase/sentence level. Full instructions on the sheet which needs to be printed out and sliced along the dotted lines.

This picture dictionary is a single sheet of A4 with the main vocabulary for this unit.

Printed out and laminated, it can be used in a variety of ways;

- as a support sheet for learners who need a little extra help when reading & writing in French

- as a prompt when playing 'Je suis allé au café et j'ai mangé.....' (I went to the cafe and I ate...) Go around the class, repeating the sentence and adding a new food to the list each time. Children are out and you start again as soon as they forget one of the articles in the sentence.

Remember - Year 6 should be concentrating on sentence structures (j'ai mangé..) and the vocabulary is not the target, that is why it is ok to use prompt sheets like this.
Download as a file to print out

or click here for version of food picture dictionary to display on board
Eating_Burgertn_.jpg The Café song - online gap fill activity
click here for the café song gap fill activity