• people_6.gifShow children a picture or short video clip of a French café. (see link)
  • Discuss what children can see in the clip.
  • Have any of the children ever been to a French café, in France, in a French speaking country or in England?
  • What did they have to eat or drink?
Link to café video clip
(link has been updated since demise of Teachers TV to same video on a different site)
Play Café Conundrum. (See file)
This could also be played as a team speed challenge game.
Some children may prefer to use a bilingual word bank instead of a dictionary.
Others may be able to use an online dictionary
Take feedback from the class.

(also see picture dictionary below if needed)
waiter.gifUsing the same text, encourage children to use their knowledge of phoneme–grapheme correspondence to work out how to pronounce the new words.
(See Pronounciation powerpoint file activity)

ice-cream-soft.pngFollow up with phoneme lotto game either using phoneme fans (less preparation) or the lotto boards.

Alternatively use phoneme fans & read items from the menu. Children hold up the correct grapheme(s) for each item.
Consolidate vocabulary:
  • Give children individual word cards for the café items
  • This sheet contains a set of word cards and three games to play to help students familiarise themselves with the new vocabulary.
  • You will need one set between two (or three) students.

Extension: Children use a dictionary to find the French words for other items available in a café.